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7 Best Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home

7 Best Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home

Imagine you have guests coming, and you realize you still need to put new sheets on your guest bed and find a recipe for dinner. You search everywhere for your linens and casserole dishes, only to realize that organizing your home is well overdue.

Home organizing can be tedious, but without it, you may be wasting time and money!

Keep reading to learn some essential organizing tips and tricks for organizing your home. 

Start With Your Storage

Before you start organizing, see what your storage situation looks like. Go through any storage boxes or containers to see if you really need the stuff in there.In some cases, you may want to keep items like seasonal clothes or extra sheets.

If you need more storage containers, go shopping for more. That way, you can have a place to store everything after your home organizing is complete.

However, you should also have a place for each container. So consider storing bins and boxes under your bed, in a closet, or anywhere else with a bit of extra space.

Create a Plan

Next, you should outline a plan for how to tackle your organizing goal. A plan is beneficial if you have a bigger space and multiple rooms to cover.

You can list out what rooms you want to focus on and when. Then, you won't have to waste time figuring out what to clean and organize everything within a short time frame. 

Having a plan also helps if you and your family will be organizing all together. Everyone can refer to the plan, and you can make sure everyone gets through organizing all of their necessary belongings.

Make sure your plan is flexible in case something takes longer than you expect. You never know when you may need to take more time reviewing things or cleaning out old drawers!

Separate Items

As you move through your belongings, put them in a few piles to help decide what you want to do with each item. We recommend the following categories:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Toss

Try to get rid of stuff you haven't used in a few months and don't plan on using for another few months. That way, you can make space for things used frequently. 

If you have items in good condition, you can sell them online or donate them to a charity. However, you may have old items that no one can use, so you'll need to put them in the trash or recycling.

When you have a question on what to do with something, keep it for now. You can always go through that pile later and change your mind, but it's hard to get something back after you sell or toss it.

Work Together

If getting rid of clutter includes your common areas, be sure to involve everyone in your household. Give everyone a voice regarding what you'll keep and what you'll toss. While something may not matter to you, one of your relatives may have a use for it. 

Working together on organizing the common rooms can also help spread out the work. If you want to finish your clutter removal sooner, the more hands the better.

Find a time when the whole family can get together to clean and organize everything. You can ask what to do with certain things and where to put the items you'll keep.

Get a Second Opinion

Another benefit of having help when organizing your home is that you can get a second opinion. The odds are you may not know what to do with everything, so ask!

If you aren't sure about keeping a tool or clothing item, you can ask a family member. This can help when you struggle to get rid of stuff with sentimental value.

Your spouse or kids may not have the same attachment, so they can provide an objective stance on keeping the item. You can do the same for them if they aren't sure what to do with one of their belongings.

If you're organizing your home, group items into piles, then take a break. Come back to your piles and use your fresh eyes to determine if you need to move stuff around further.

Top Down

Another one of the best organizing tips helps if you also need to clean your house. As you organize and clean, start from the top shelf in the room and work down.

For one, this method ensures you won't miss anything when you go through your cabinets and drawers. It can also help you keep from getting dust everywhere, only to have to clean it again.

You can take this one step further and start from the top-level and work down to the basement. Then, you can be sure you’ve hit every room in your home.

Use Labels

As you start putting things away after organizing your home, consider using labels to mark where things go. Labels can be useful for things that everyone uses, so you can make sure it's always where you need it to be.

If you have personal items to organize, labels can tell you where to find things if you're making a big change to your organizational system. Then, you won't have to scramble to find your clothes or toiletries.

Using a label maker can be quick and easy, so you can create labels for every drawer or container in your home. But you can also use tape and a marker to create labels yourself. Do whatever works for you and your home.

Review of Organizing Your Home

Being able to organize your home is crucial for when you need to find something quickly. Before you start going through everything, make sure you have a plan to make organizing your home easy and stress-free.

Then, you can save time and money, and you can ensure that you don't miss any spots during the process. Soon enough, you'll know where everything is, and you won't have to spend hours searching for important items.

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