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Ultimate in Softness: Sateen Sheets

Ultimate in Softness: Sateen Sheets

Sateen is a true Skylark+Owl favorite, but what makes sateen sheets so soft and cozy?

Snuggling into a perfectly warm, nestled bed is one of our favorite things to do over here at Skylark+Owl, and we’d venture to bet that it’s one of yours, too. But, when it comes to creating your ideal bedtime, it’s all about picking the very best sheets. There are tons of choices and fabrics to pick from, but we’re especially partial to sateen sheets for a luxurious, dreamy sleeping experience that keeps you cool, cuddled in and never ready for the alarm to ring.

Here’s all you should know about sateen sheets...

Warm Grey Refined Sateen | Skylark+Owl Linen Co.

Why sateen?

Sateen sheets are the perfect mix of heaviness and lightness, which makes them just the right cozy level for the sleeper looking for a warm night’s sleep without the sweat. Our Refined Collection Sateen is made of 100% Egyptian cotton and woven in Israel with the utmost intention, the 400-thread count sheets are constructed specifically for comfort. 

With a silky-soft feel, sateen sheets are excellent for year-round coziness due to their unique ability to keep you comfortable, cool and covered up. By choosing sateen, you’ll be picking a fabric that strikes the balance between opulence and everyday — truly, the absolute perfect sheet.



What makes sateen sheets so soft and cozy?

Sateen sheets are made with a specific technique that gives them their silky finish, creating a soft and cozy sheet unlike anything else. Unlike real satin sheets, which can be wildly expensive and finicky, sateen sheets are woven with long cotton fibers that allow for the softest feel without the huge cost.

Why Skylark+Owl sateen sheets?

At Skylark+Owl, we use 100% Egyptian cotton that’s carefully woven to make the pickiest of sleepers comfortable. Instead of a rough, heavy sheet (or a too silky, fragile one), our Refined Collection Sateen Sheets are built for sleepers who look for a luxurious sleeping experience that keeps them warm all year round. 

No matter your sleep style or preferences, we have the right sheets for you at Skylark+Owl. From the silky-soft sateen of our Refined Collection to the crispy, breathable percale of our Essential Collection, our sheets are constructed with care from the first weave to the last to create the sleeping experience everyone craves. By choosing Skylark+Owl for your sheets, you’re picking a company that puts comfort first. 

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