Our Story

We’ve been crafting linens for the hospitality industry for over 75 years and as the continuous demand and appreciation for the comfort and quality of Eden Textile’s products kept growing, it became clear to us that there was interest from not just businesses – but home-owners too! In 2017, Skylark+Owl Linen Co. was created to bring the cozy comfort of our premium linens from our home, to yours. While we’ve modernized your shopping experience, we’ve woven the same irresistible elegance and comfort into our fabrics. Proudly Canadian, we have and always will source and sew our linens with the utmost attention to design, quality and sustainability.

The difference is day and night.

- Brad + Suzanne Sparrow

Our Flight Path

Founded in 1946, Skylark+Owl’s parent company Eden Textile has been supplying and supporting the hospitality industry for over 75 years. During this time our team has become experts in their field, traversing the globe in search of responsibly made linens for our clients and their guests. Over the years, the same individuals who have experienced the comfort of our products through our hospitality clients have continued to reach out to purchase Eden’s irresistibly comfy hotel pillows, sheets and duvets for their homes. So, in 2017 Skylark+Owl Linen Co. was born.

Our Approach

At Skylark+Owl, we build high-quality nests and wrap you in comfort. By saying no to the middleman and sourcing directly from places and people that we trust, our product never wavers in quality while staying affordable.

Find Comfort in Your Choice

Our mission at Skylark+Owl is to ensure our suppliers use environmentally friendly processes in the manufacturing of our products. Skylark+Owl products are certified by Oeko-Tex®, an international association focused on textile safety and sustainable production. Oeko-Tex® tests for known harmful substances and chemicals as well as for acidity and color fastness. We also made it a priority to use as little plastic as possible in all our product packaging and shipping! Our sheets are shipped in sewn reusable bags sourced from surplus fabric that would otherwise go into the landfill.

Build Your Nest

Our years of experience have given us a keen eye for quality. Whether you are an early riser or cherish every second under the covers, tuck in early or slip in late; at Skylark+Owl, we want to ensure you are always nested in total comfort wherever you land. It doesn’t matter if you choose to nestle in with the crisp coolness of our Percale Sheets or the smooth, luxurious feel of our Sateen Sheet Collection, rest assured, you’ll be choosing a product that will provide you with the sleep you’ve been dreaming of. With a premium line of comforts, responsibly manufactured to the highest quality standards, it is what we have been doing for the hospitality industry for years.