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Choosing a Pillow: Stomach Sleeper

Choosing a Pillow: Stomach Sleeper Edition

Our tips for stomach sleepers looking for their perfect pillow fit.

Is there any better feeling than curling up in bed, reading by lamplight, and then cozying up for a seriously great night of sleep? But, like you probably know, your sleeping position and your sleeping pillow matter a lot when it comes to whether or not you’re getting a good night’s sleep. We all know a bad night’s sleep—which is why it’s key to figure out exactly how you sleep and the pillow that pairs perfectly with your own individual sleep style.

With our Choosing a Pillow: Stomach Sleeper Edition guide, you won’t be struggling with any more rough nights of sleep. Instead, you’ll be able to cozy into your nest each night with the pillow meant just for you. We’re telling you everything you need to know about finding the best pillow for stomach sleeping, from identifying your specific stomach sleeping style and sleeping well to the best pillow for stomach sleepers and our tips for choosing the right one. 

Identifying your stomach sleeping style

You definitely know if you’re a stomach sleeper. If you wake up with your face squished down into the pillow, pillow lines all across your face or a sore lower back, you may very well be in the stomach sleeping camp. If you sleep on your stomach, there are probably two major ways you tend to sleep, and we’re breaking down your typical stomach sleeping style here:

  • Spread eagle sleeper: If you’re a stomach sleeper, there’s a good chance you’ve woken up before with all four limbs spread out, or with your legs kicked out and your arms tucked under your pillow. This is a normal sleep position for a stomach sleeper, but can also be really hard on your lower back. 
  • High kick sleeper: A lot of stomach sleepers tend to sleep in what we like to call a high kick, which is where one leg is bent parallel to the mattress while you sleep. It helps for hot sleepers, but can also tense up your spine.

Our tips for sleeping well on your stomach

It’s pretty hard to change the position you like to sleep in, which is why we’d never recommend that you try to start sleeping another way. You’ve probably been comfortable as a stomach sleeper, which is why you do it—but, stomach sleepers often have big issues with their lower back, so it’s all about optimizing your stomach sleep so you can rest without pain. Here are our tips for sleeping well on your stomach: 

  • Look for a firm pillow that doesn’t create a bunch of extra space between your head and your mattress, while still being soft enough to be comfortable. You don’t want to add any more extra stress to your neck.
  • You might want to consider putting an extra pillow underneath your stomach to take some pressure off of your low back.
  • Become friends with child’s pose, and sit in it for a few minutes after you wake up in the morning. It’s a great way to restore movement to your spine and even out a long night of sleeping on your stomach. 

Key tips for choosing the best pillow for stomach sleeping

The best pillow for stomach sleeping is going to be flat and firm enough to keep your spine as in line as possible, all while being soft enough to be cozy. When you sleep with the wrong pillow as a stomach sleeper—especially one that’s too thick—you’ll wake up sore and achy, and you can eventually do damage to your back.

When you don’t choose the best pillow for stomach sleeping, you’re further adding to the problems that already exist for stomach sleepers. While sleeping on your stomach may be comfortable (and that’s okay!), it can also be rough on your spine. By choosing the best pillow for stomach sleeping, you’ll be able to optimize your natural sleeping position and sleep comfortably each night. 

What’s the best pillow for stomach sleeping?

At Skylark+Owl, we offer our sleeping customers pillows in a variety of firmness to fit everyone’s sleep styles. When choosing the best pillow for stomach sleeping, our Essential Pillow in a soft fill is your greatest choice. The pillow offers premium comfort with a cozy, hypoallergenic fill, and has a great loft for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Essential Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Essential Pillow

Everyone sleeps in different positions, so make sure that everyone in your home is sleeping soundly with a Skylark+Owl pillow that keeps them comfortable. Whether your loved ones are back sleepersside sleepers or stomach sleepers, we have every pillow you’ll need.

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