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Finding the Right Pillow

Your Perfect Pillow Handbook

Everything you need to know to finding the right pillow.

Sleeping is… kind of the best thing ever, right? We totally agree with you. Is there anything better than cozying up in your bed, laying your head down on the perfect pillow and drifting off to dreamland? We’re yawning already.  

When it comes to building your perfect bedtime nest, it all comes down to choosing the right pillow for your sleep style. But, there’s a lot to consider when finding the right pillow. From the fill to the firmness to the depth, finding the right pillow can be tricky—and a personal choice, too! 

We’re experts when it comes to coziness at bedtime here at Skylark+Owl, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive resource on everything you need to know about finding the right pillow so that you can sleep in peace. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about pillows, from choosing the right fill to picking a pillow based on your sleep style.

How are you sleeping?

Before you can start on the journey of finding the right pillow, you have to identify your sleep style. Think: what position do you usually find yourself in when your alarm rings in the morning? Some of us might find ourselves on our stomachs, face squished down in the pillow and arms stretched out. Some of us might find ourselves laying face up, barely having moved during the night. Some of us might wake up curled up on our sides like a baby, comforter and sheets gathered around us.

However you sleep, we hope you’re dreaming sweet dreams and waking up refreshed. However, you’re not sleeping well without the right pillow. We promise. Here are some things to consider when finding the right pillow, all based on your sleep style:

  • So, you’re a back sleeper: Back sleepers need a pillow that’s not super thick, one that’s thin enough to keep the spine and neck in alignment while still comfy enough for the right sleep. Back sleepers should have a nice amount of support as well, so veer towards a pillow that’s firm.
  • So, you’re a side sleeper: Side sleepers should look for a pillow with a nice amount of thickness to keep their necks and spines in alignment, all the while nice and cozy. Side sleepers are usually going to want to look for a softer pillow instead of more firm since their sleeping position creates a lot of space between their neck, head and shoulders.
  • So, you’re a stomach sleeper: Stomach sleepers will sleep the best with a fairly flat pillow that’s thick enough to provide comfort but flat enough to keep the neck and spine in alignment. Stomach sleepers can sleep great with a firm yet soft pillow since their head and neck positions won’t require as much support. 

Once you’ve decided what type of sleeper you are, it’s even better to categorize it down farther. If you’re a sleeper who doesn’t tend to move around a lot, you’re better off with a firmer pillow. If you’re a restless sleeper who tends to move around, look for a fluffier pillow that moves with you. 

What are pillows made of?

When looking for a new pillow, you’ll probably see two major types of fills: a polyester pillow filling or a down feather filling. Softer, thicker pillows are usually made of down feather or down alternative, while firmer, flatter pillows are usually made with a polyester or microfiber batting. Side sleepers usually sleep the best with thick, soft pillows, back sleepers sleep the best with firmer (though still soft) pillows, and stomach sleepers should look for softer, flatter pillows. 

Both types of pillow fill have their benefits, but we’d always recommend choosing a type of filling that mimics down while being made of something hypoallergenic. At Skylark+Owl, we use a synthetic, hypoallergenic fill that mimics down feathers’ coziness without the allergies. 

How to know it’s time for a new pillow

Pillows don’t last forever, though investing in high-quality pillows like Skylark+Owl’s will definitely give you a big return. Sleeping on an old, flat pillow isn’t good for your neck or your sleep quality, so keep these questions in mind as markers that it’s time for a new pillow:

  • Are you waking up with neck or shoulder pain? If so, you might need to find a new pillow.
  • Is your pillow lumpy and uneven? It shouldn’t be!
  • When you fold your pillow in half, does it fluff back out or stay folded? The key to a perfectly fluffy pillow is that it actually stays fluffy.
  • Do you even remember the last time you bought a pillow? We’d recommend buying a new pillow every two years or so.
  • Are you waking up with an itchy throat or sneezes night after night? You might be allergic to the filling in your pillow, or it might be full of dust mites.

Why your pillow choice matters

When it comes to sleep, one thing you should never forget is the pillow underneath your head. Great dreams come with a great pillow, so choose yours carefully. 

Finding the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style

Essential Pillow



Finding the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style


Refined Pillow


At Skylark+Owl, we have two pillow styles to take you off to dreamland. Our premium  Essential Pillow is filled with a comfortable hypoallergenic fill and is sealed with a cotton and polyester blend shell. Our luxurious  Refined Pillow is filled with a delightfully cozy hypoallergenic fill, sealed with a 100% cotton shell and comes in both soft and firm styles. 

Happy sleeping!

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