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Best Sheets for the Summer: Stay Cool and Comfortable

Luxurious Percale, Linen and Washed Percale. Perfect for Hot Sleepers.

Getting a good night’s sleep in the summer doesn’t have to be complicated

Summertime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer. With so many activities to choose from, you’ll want to be well rested so you can make the most of your free time outside! The best way to ensure you get quality sleep this summer? Opting for light, breathable sheets instead of heavy winter ones. Learn more about choosing the best sheets for summer based on your sleeping style and what fabric will keep you cool throughout the entire night!

The Best Sheet Fabric Options

The most common sheet fabrics for hot weather or warmer sleepers are percale, linen, and washed percale. While they all offer similar benefits, there are subtle differences between each that you should know about. Let’s look at these three options in more detail.


Percale has a crisp and classic matte finish that makes them cozy, yet cool and breathable. These 100% Egyptian cotton percale sheets are woven with the utmost intention for warmer sleepers and are the perfect weight for those looking for a cozy sheet without the heat.


Linen has a lightweight, airy feel that makes them breathable and relaxed. Crafted from 100% garment washed flax linen, linen will only grow softer with use. A temperature regulator like no other, linen is perfect for luxurious layering during winter and keeping it cool during sweaty summer sleeps.

Close up of baltic sea washed percale sheet set

Washed Percale

Washed Percale is similar to traditional percale, however it has been put through a garment wash process that leaves the bedding with a relaxed look and a softer finish. The percale weave allows the bedding to be cooling and breathable, while the garment wash brings another level of softness and comfort. Perfect for warm weather, especially if you sleep hot but still want a softer feeling sheet. 

How To Select The Best Sheets For Summer

When shopping for sheets, it's important to base your choice on your sleep style. Whether you’re sleeping on a bed or in a futon, you’ll want to select sheets that feel good against your skin. We recommend you take into account your sleep style before you make a purchase; those who traditionally sleep hotter may want to go for a more lightweight option, like Linen. A good rule of thumb is that the softer the sheet, the warmer it will be during an average night's rest. Look for light, breathable fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Take Our Quiz

Make your summer sleep as relaxing as possible by finding what kind of sheet is best suited for you. That’s why we created a sheet set quiz! Take our four-question quiz to learn more about what sheet type is best suited for you and your bedroom. Easily find what sheet is best suited for your summer style.


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