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How to Choose Your Dream Pillow

We get it, finding the right pillow can be very difficult. Will the soft be flat as a pancake; will the firm be rock hard? From the number of pillows used to the style of pillow, everyone has a different preference.

This guide will help you decide which Skylark+Owl Pillow will help you sleep like a dream - based on your sleeping position.

Stomach Sleeper: 

Go low! A soft & low pillow will allow you to lie flat without pinching your neck. This position generally requires the least amount of support.

We recommend:
Essential Soft Pillow - This is the softest pillow we carry making it ideal for stomach sleepers
Refined Soft Pillow - This pillow has more loft that the Essential, so it is perfect for those who roll from their stomach to their back

Back Sleeper: 

You want to keep your spine in a level position. Using too firm of a pillow can push the head too far forward, which could result in a stiff neck.

We recommend:
Essential Firm Pillow - While this is a 'firm' pillow, its relatively low loft makes it more neutral.
Refined Firm or Soft Pillow - This is where personal preference plays a role. If you like a taller pillow choose firm, while if you prefer a more 'squishy' pillow choose soft. 

Side Sleeper:

It is important to align your spine, neck and shoulders by using a firm, lofty pillow.

We recommend:
Refined Firm Pillow - This is the most firm pillow we carry. It strikes the perfect balance between being comfortable, yet firm enough to hold its shape.

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