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What Does OEKO-TEX Certified Mean?

What Does OEKO-TEX Certified Mean?

Skylark+Owl has been in the textile business for decades. We’re committed to sourcing high-quality products from partners we trust around the world—with a special focus on safety and environmental responsibility.

For us, OEKO-TEX certification is one way to offer our customers peace of mind that the linens they crawl into at the end of the day are not only comfortable, but responsibly made and safe for their families.  

So let’s talk about OEKO-TEX certified products.

What Does “OEKO-TEX Certified” Mean?

OEKO-TEX is a name given by a global partnership of textile and research laboratories. Together, they form the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology. 

Nearly 30 years ago, this coalition was started to set the framework for fabric-testing standards. They provide expert, unbiased, and third-party testing for all textile components—not just linens themselves, but the coatings, buttons, strings and zippers that are included in the manufacturing process.

 Each item receives an OEKO-TEX rating for its environmental impact, health and safety, and sustainability.


When you see fabric with the STANDARD 100 label, it means that every component of the item has been tested for harmful substances and that it’s been certified as harmless for human health.

The OEKO-TEX testing criteria are stringent, often going beyond national and international requirements, and the catalog is updated yearly at a minimum to keep up with new scientific information and manufacturing guidelines. 

Bottom line: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification gives you every confidence that an item is sound and entirely free of harmful chemicals.

Skylark+Owl’s percale cotton sheet set, made with 100% Egyptian cotton, is one of the OEKO-TEX certified products we’re proud to offer. This set is also ph-friendly—the perfect choice for sensitive skin types. You can sleep tight and worry-free with these.

The Golden Standard for Sustainable Textiles

Now that you know more about the OEKO-TEX certification, you can see why it’s a valuable marker for textile buyers. 

Skylark+Owl will always put our complete attention to the design, quality and sustainability of our products, and offering OEKO-TEX certified items is part of that commitment.

We love inviting our customers to be part of something we care about, too— responsibly sourced linens that make the world a better place.

Your OEKO-TEX Supported Store

At Skylark+Owl, we are proud to offer many OEKO-TEX certified products. Indulge in soft, yet durable linens, knowing that you are supporting a global push for higher textile standards.

Check out some of our OEKO-TEX certified products.

Upgrade Your Bedroom 

Supporting safe, sustainable textiles starts in the bedroom.

Bring  Refined Pillows and Duvet Inserts into your bedtime routine. 

These products are certified-free from harmful chemicals, so you can sleep in comfort and style. 

Switch Out Your Sheets 


This past year has taught us just how important peace of mind and a good night’s sleep can be.

Take that a step further with our most luxuriously soft  Refined Sateen Sheet Set.

Treat yourself to this ultra-soft 400 thread count, satin weave, and harmful chemical-free set.


 Bundle Up In A New Blanket 

We know a thing or two about staying cozy in the cold.

What better way to support sustainable textile practices than by bundling up with a blanket? 

 Try our prewashed chunky Cable Knit Blanket for an extra soft and shrinkage-resistant style.

It’s a stylish and cozy addition to any room, and we especially love that it was created by a third-generation family business in India.

The Future of Sustainable Textiles

The textile industry is constantly changing, and it’s important to us that we move toward safe, sustainable options—for the sake of our health and our planet.

Shop our store today. We’re confident you’ll find a new favourite item to up the cozy factor in your nest—peace of mind guaranteed.  

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