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Skylark+Owl’s Latest Launch: Washed Percale

Skylark+Owl’s Latest Launch: Washed Percale

Sleep in relaxed, soft luxuriousness with Skylark+Owl’s newest collection — Washed Percale.

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we’re always looking for new ways to improve bedtimes, afternoon naps and everything in between — which is where our newest launch, Washed Percale bedding, comes in.

Created specifically for warmer sleepers and those who prefer a cooler sleep environment, our Washed Percale sheets have all of the luxury and coziness of our traditional percale collection — with a garment wash process that relaxes and softens them even further. 

Complete with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, our new Washed Percale Sheet Set gives you all you need for a cozy but breezy sleep — with all of the comfort and softness you’ve come to expect from Skylark+Owl. 

Why Washed Percale?

Percale has long since been a favourite of our customers at Skylark+Owl, and for good reason. Crisp yet breathable, percale sheets give sleepers a matte, cool finish that feels simply luxurious. With the introduction of an additional garment washing process, our Washed Percale sheets bring an even softer, more comfortable finish to every mattress they meet. The Washed Percale’s soft, lived-in look mimics the look of our linen sheets, but with a more classic feel. And, just like the best sheets do, Washed Percale gets continually softer with each wash and each long night’s sleep. 

Caring for washed percale bedding

Made with 100% cotton, our softer-with-every-wash percale is easy to care for and maintain. With just a few simple practices, you can trust that you’re investing in a new sheet set that will stand the test of time. When caring for Washed Percale, following these practices will keep your percale in great condition:

  • Wash in cool water with a gentle detergent
  • Wash percale sheets alone, or with items similar in colour and fabric
  • Don’t wash percale sheets with items that could cause pilling (such as those with zippers, hooks or buttons)
  • Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat to preserve natural fibres and softness
  • Avoid using additional washer scents or fabric softener 
  • Stay away from chlorine bleach, benzoyl peroxide or other harsh, stripping chemicals

The Skylark+Owl Washed Percale Difference

Skylark+Owl Linen Co.’s Washed Percale is woven and then sewn in the famous textile region of Guimaraes in Northern Portugal, following our promise and mission to continually source our textiles from family-run businesses around the globe that we love and trust.

Made from 100% cotton, our Washed Percale is put through a garment washing process that helps further relax and soften the sheets before they reach you. The fitted sheet is perfectly deep — fitting mattresses up to 15 inches thick — and the pillowcases are styled with an envelope closure. Additionally, our Washed Percale sheets are certified by OEKO-TEX to be free of harmful chemicals and are produced ethically. After all, there’s no great sleep without a great conscience. 

Shop Skylark+Owl’s newest Washed Percale collection here.


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