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Easy Bedroom Design Ideas

Easy Bedroom Design Ideas

From switching up your colors to levelling up your pillows, here are some easy ideas!

Home design is one of our very favorite things over here at Skylark+Owl Linen Co., especially when we get to create a medley of both style and comfort. Now, bedroom design? That’s even better, and everyone knows that the bedroom is the best spot in the whole home. Plus, bedroom design doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel or cost tens of thousands of dollars to freshen up — in fact, not even close.

Really, all you need to design a bedroom you love are the beginnings of a vision and a few items that can transform your space quickly. Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite easy bedroom ideas (we mean it when we say easy!) so that you can give your bedroom a fresh new look for the new year.

First… set a bedroom design intention

We’re big fans of having goals when it comes to any kind of interior design — because we know firsthand how tough it gets to start decorating rooms in your house when you have a million ideas. So, do a little thinking! Do you want to elevate the relaxation factor in your bedroom? Do you want to totally transform the colors? Do you want to completely switch up the vibe? It’s up to you!

Now, once you’ve decided what you’re wanting to do with your bedroom design, start finding inspiration! Pinterest is a great spot, and Instagram’s saved folders make life really easy when it comes to curating looks, too. Plus, we have 3 bedroom design ideas here for you to dive into.

1. Refresh your bedroom with new bedding.

In most bedrooms, what’s the focal point? It’s almost always the bed, right? That means bedroom design can be very simple and impactful if you start with the bed — i.e., beautiful new bedding. Whether you choose to switch up your colors, your textures or both is up to you… and either way, it can be a big-time change. 

Looking for some inspo? For a relaxed look, go with a new set of our washed percale or washed sateen sheets in a color that you love! If you’re looking for a little more structure, we’d recommend our sateen sheets for a luxe, smooth look. Then, top it all off with a new duvet cover! Grab one in your very favorite color and texture, and enjoy it as your room completely and totally transforms before your very eyes.

2. Create a cozy oasis

The way we see it, your bedroom should strike the perfect balance between sleeping space and an at-home oasis. Enter: one of our go-to methods for designing bedrooms - bring on the blankets! If you’re ready for a full facelift, invest in bright paint and lighter furniture, too — ahhh.

Want some ideas from us? Whether it’s a thick Brushed Cotton Blanketa fun Popcorn Knit Blanket, or one of the beautiful patterns of a Turkish Peshtemal, you’ll be amazed at how much freshness comes from just one comfort.

3. Give your room a pillow facelift.


When it comes to bedroom design ideas, the tiniest switches can often have the biggest impact — and one of those switches all comes down to pillows! New pillows can do a few things for your bedroom. First, new fluffy pillows can breathe new life into a tired-looking bed. Plus, pillows are easily switchable and tradeable, so you can swap out cases and textures as you’d like!

There are a few that we love for new bedroom design! If you want something extra-fluffy while still providing support, try our Refined PillowIf you’re ready to embrace easy bedroom design ideas, we have you covered with tons of home goods and cozy comforts to fuel your efforts. Shop here.

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