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Do You Share Your Sheets With Your Dog?

Do You Share Your Sheets With Your Dog?

Here's what you have to come to terms with if the answer is yes

It’s Sunday night. You head out into the hallway to turn off all of the lights. Before grabbing a glass of water, you turn off the TV & on goes your Lavender diffuser.

Finally it’s time for sleep. You crawl in a crisp clean bed of percale sheets only to be rudely disturbed by Harvey, your French bulldog. He’s doing his usual 22-spin routine before settling in for the night.

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s nothing more comforting than the feeling of Man’s Best Friend curled up beside you in bed. We get it! Because we know that they’re going to be welcome in your sheets any night, here are some things you have to come to terms with when you share your sheets with your pooch: 

  1. This a good thing. Besides be a mini heater, studies show that your dog both soothes and relaxes you, promoting a better sleep. Our furry friends raises levels of Oxytocin in our bodies! This chemical promotes feelings of safety, calm, and trust. 
  2. They can also hog the bed… For those of you with bigger pets, you may find that your sleep is disturbed by your best pal. If there is less room for them to move, making them disturb you in the night, we suggest upgrading your nest! Rather than suffering the consequences, upsizing your bed will give you all a little bit of wiggle room. 
  3. Snoozing together for life: This arrangement will be for life. For those of you that have always let your pooch sleep in your nest, it will be extremely difficult to try and crate train them after they’ve experience the comfort of your queen size. So if you decide to let them cuddle, be prepared for a lifetime commitment! 
  4. Putting a strain on the relationship: Beware of a bit of growling when your loved one heads into bed. When your pup is allowed in your space, they consider it part of their territory. For dogs that may be more aggressive, it could result some unwanted behavior issues for anyone new to the sleeping arrangement! 
  5. Most importantly, it makes your best pals happy. Every dog owner knows that it’s heartbreaking to disappoint them. Allowing them in your space makes them feel secure and loved! Basically, they love this arrangement just as much, if not more, than you do! 


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