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6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Between tossing & turning, getting too warm, or having turf wars with your significant other, your sleep can easily be compromised by your environment. Sleep deprivation affects your mood, your eating habits, and your overall physical and mental health. It’s important to give yourself the right number of hours on a nightly basis. You deserve it, and you cannot pour from an empty glass.

Treat yourself to a better sleep.

Here are 6 fool-proof ways to improve it:

1. Hello darkness, my old friend: From devices to windows, telling your brain it’s time for bed is so important to falling and staying asleep. Whether it’s the bright lights of the office or the backlight on your iPhone, it’s telling brain that it’s nowhere near bedtime. Putting your phone away 45 min. to 60 min. before you lay down will encourage your body to produce more melatonin sooner. Thus, falling asleep will be easier than ever.

2. Work it out: Wearing out your brain and your body throughout the day is a way to ensure that you’ll be ready to get some shut eye by bedtime. Exercising can help you fall asleep faster & sleep more soundly. This tip only works if you work out at least three hours before bed. Otherwise, you’ll still be on that adrenalin high from your gym session

3. Set yourself up for success: Routines are good for a lot of things. For many, they help organize the overwhelming amount of tasks in a day. For others, they help organize the thoughts inside their head, lowering their stress levels. Do what you need to do to sleep soundly. Do you diffuse lavender before bed? Awesome. Do you set your clothes out for the next day? Beautiful. Do you pet your dog 12 ½ times before you can finally turn in for the night? That’s good too. Keep yourself stress free and calm with a before-bed routine.

4. Avoid a sweaty nights sleep: Newsflash: you can buy sheets that are made to help you sleep better. Some materials are cooler and more breathable than others. Choose between our Essential Collection, made from Percale, a cool & crisp fabric that is lightweight and breathable, or our Linen Collection, that is breathable and airy. Both sheets make it especially forgiving during the summer or year round if you’re frequently warm during the night.

5. Make your belly happy: Eating right also helps you sleep better. Not only what you eat, but at what time you eat it. Give yourself time to digest before bed. Avoid eating heavy, unhealthy meals too close to bed time. This may help you lose some weight in the long run, too. Research has shown that those who can go from 6:30 p.m. until 9 a.m. without eating go into “fasting” mode and can torch more stored fat.

6. See ya later, caffeinator: Turn that frown upside down. You can still have your indulgence of coffee here and there. However, the time that you indulge in your caffeinated treats does matter. About half of the caffeine you consume at 7 pm is still in your body at 11 pm. To be safe, try to avoid all caffeine within four to six hours of your bedtime.

There you have it. Sleep better, feel better, & LIVE better.

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