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6 Signs That You’re Definitely A Night Owl

6 Signs That You’re Definitely A Night Owl

  1. The thought of waking up early ruins your day:

    “Oh, we’re meeting for breakfast? Can we make it brunch? Or better yet, lunch?”  If you’re a night owl, chances are, many of your plans happen in the late afternoon or at night. You try your best to organize many of your plans for later in the day. You know you’re not going to plan something that requires you to set that alarm too early. And when something comes up that’s in the AM, you’re not the happiest of campers.

  2. Coffee is the most important meal of the day

    You know your roast and you know the barista by name. Coffee gives you the pep in your step that you need to survive real life during the day time. There’s nowhere that you have been offered a cup of coffee and turned it down.

  3. You’re tired all day, but when night time rolls around, you can’t fall asleep

    Sitting at your desk, you feel like you could take a solid 5 minute nap right there. However, once you get home and get comfy in your sheets, you’re as wide awake as ever. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. You might be the one that can stay up the latest on the weekends, but when it comes to a 9-5, not being able to fall asleep puts a damper on your day.

  4. You know a lot of infomercial jingles

    Infomercials are on when only the most expert of night-owls are nested in front of the TV. When the Oxyclean guy passed away, you felt a little connected after all those years of wine stain removal. You know the celeb ProActive sponsor of the month. It’s not that you enjoy sitting through the countless sales pitches, you just don’t change the channel… It’s late, there’s nothing good on that late.

  5. Your night-owl tendencies change your partner.

    Your new relationship starts off great. They make you better. Your mom likes them. Things are great. And then out of nowhere, they ask you to accompany them to the gym at 6am on a Saturday. Is a relationship between a night owl and an early riser a deal breaker?

    Not necessarily. Continuing your night-owl ways may make your partner change their morning routine. Between the late night movies and you waking them up when you can’t sleep, you might find them adopting your night owl ways. Soon, that gym date will be an 11am start time.

  6. You could sleep in bed all day. No seriously, we mean all day.

    You take weekends and naps very seriously. When Saturday rolls around, you could be wrapped in your duvet until 2pm and be completely content. Because of your sleep filled weekends, you’re usually pretty tired for work on Monday. But you grin and bear it until Friday, because that’s when you’ll get to sleep the days away again.

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