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5 Signs That You're a Morning Bird

5 Signs That You're a Morning Bird


  1. Most days, your body clock wakes you up

    You hear people talking about setting multiple alarms and you just can’t relate. Most times, you don’t even need that iPhone alarm, because you wake up naturally. Yes, even on weekends. By the time you’re finished getting ready and running your errands, everyone else is just emerging from the sheets.

  2. Sleeping in makes you feel like you wasted the day

    When your body clock sleeps in, it’s a recipe for a bad day. Rather than sleeping in half the day like some of the night owls are doing, you’d rather tackle the day head first before the sun is up. When your sleep in until 10am on a Saturday, you feel like you missed out on valuable hours of the day.

  1. Making it to 9pm can be a struggle.

    Friday plans after work may require a bit of preparation (i.e. Red Bull). When you tackle the day at such an early hour, you usually struggle to make it until 9pm. If you had it your way, you’d be curled up in the sheets, falling asleep during an episode of Suits right about now.

  1. Breakfast is your domain

    From avocado toast to eggs benny, you’ve mastered every breakfast food. It’s your favorite meal of the day, but a lot of times you may enjoy it on your own while all the night owls sleep in. But that’s okay, because the peaceful mornings are when you are the happiest.

  1. You take a while to get through a Netflix series because, well, sleep.

    You’ve been trying your best to get through Stranger Things, but by the time dinner is cooked and you finally sit down to watch an episode, you only manage to catch the first 20 minutes before falling asleep. Everyone else is on Stranger Things 2, but you’re bound and determined to get through the first season a quarter episode at a time. This may cause problems if your partner is a night owl. You may need to make them re-watch several episodes that you fell asleep during. Whatever, it’s part of the cost of loving you.

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