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Your Softness Secret: Garment Washing

Your Softness Secret: Garment Washing

Our newest launch, Washed Percale, is extra soft — and we give the credit to garment washing.

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring more coziness to our customers’ nests — and garment washing is one of those methods. As a go-to way to soften and relax fabric, we launched a Washed Percale Sheet SetDuvet Cover, and Pillowcases. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Garment Washing?

Garment washing, which can be done either mechanically or biologically, is exactly what it sounds like — a washing process for fabrics. Typically, there are two options for garment washing: stone washing and enzyme washing. Stone washing uses mechanical movement to soften fabric as it is washed. While this used to be a popular garment washing method, we don’t see it as much anymore. It’s tough to control and keep consistent, and also works better for heavier fabrics. While effective, stone washing is not necessarily efficient.

The newer, go-to method for garment washing involves enzymes or proteins. It produces the same soft, lived-in look and feel as Stone Washing but without the need for tumbling stones that can weaken washer drums and cause unreliable results such as unintentionally damaging fabric. Enzyme washing still increases the abrasion of the fabric, therefore softening it, but it does so in a more uniform way. It’s also a more sustainable method of Garment Washing.


Why Do We Use Garment Washing at Skylark+Owl?

Garment washing is a great way to add some extra softness to linens, and it removes the starches and chemicals that can make a fabric seem “crunchy” after the manufacturing process. Garment washing isn’t just for softness, either — it’s also how we can create the lived-in, breezy look and reduce shrinkage as time goes on. At Skylark+Owl, our goal is always to keep innovating to create soft, excellent linens for our customers — and garment washing is one of our favourite ways to do it. By adding a new level of softness to any bed sheets we wash, garment washing is a big piece of our manufacturing process… especially with our Washed Percale and Linen collections.


Skylark+Owl’s Washed Percale Launch

Using our go-to garment washing technique, our newest Washed Percale sheets create an extra-soft feel for those who love the crispness of percale but want a little less crunch. 

Soft like our Refined Sheet Set and cool like our Essential Sheet Set, Washed Percale strikes the ideal balance between warm, cool, crisp and soft — our new go-to sheet, no matter what time of year it is.

Our Washed Percale sheets are woven, sewn and washed in the Guimaraes region of Northern Portugal, sourced from one of our global, family-run business partners. The sheets themselves are the right depth for thick mattresses and are made from 100% cotton. As with all Skylark+Owl sheets, our Washed Percale is ethically produced and OEKO-TEX certified. If you’re looking for a crisp, cooling sheet that’s still softer than a classic percale, Washed Percale is for you.

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