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Finding the perfect thread count

Finding the Perfect Thread Count for Sheets

Higher thread counts for sheets isn’t always better.

The world of bed linens and sheets is a confusing one, especially when you start talking about thread count. You’ve probably heard the myth before that higher thread count always means a better sheet, but that’s just not true. At Skylark+Owl, we take pride in bringing integrity right alongside comfort into your nest. While many manufacturers count the individual fibres in each sheet thread to come up with crazy high thread count numbers, we stick to the basics.

In all reality, the maximum thread count on a set of sheets is around 500—which makes the 1000 thread count sheets you might see seem a bit tricky. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about thread count so that you can pick the perfect linens for your home.

What is thread count?

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads within a square inch of a sheet. While it’s become a bit of a marketing jargon superstar for luxury sheets, higher thread count doesn’t guarantee you’re getting a better sheet. In fact, a guide from Consumer Reports shows that thread count is typically just hype.

Finding the perfect sheet thread count

Doesn’t a higher thread count mean a better linen?

While the myth that a higher thread count yields a better sheet is a popular myth, often an insanely high thread count points to a lower-quality sheet. If there are too many threads per square inch, you’ll end up with a lower quality textile. 

Oftentimes, other manufacturers inflate their thread count numbers by counting each and every ply in a thread—which isn’t going to improve the quality of your sheets, no matter how hard someone tries. We count the individual threads in our sheets, and—keeping in mind that the true maximum when it comes to thread count is 300-500 per square inch—have created sheets cozy for every sleeper, with our luxurious Refined Collection at 400 thread count and our Essential Collection at 300 thread count.

Percale versus Sateen Thread Count

What makes thread count misleading?

Often, other manufacturers will count each individual ply in a thread instead of counting individual threads. The way we see it, inflated thread count numbers don’t do anything to help the quality of your sheets, so we’ll always be honest about the precise number of threads in our sheets. 

You’ll also often see misleadingly high thread counts that are really just cheaper, double and triple-ply threading counted to look like more than it is. Instead of creating a cozier sheet, manufacturers who inflate their thread count often create a scratchy, lower-quality sheet.

Misleading Sheet Thread Count

Why choose Skylark+Owl for your nest?

With an honest thread count that creates beautifully cozy and sleepy dreams, Skylark+Owl’s sheets are the best choice for your nest. Our 300-400 thread count sheets (and matching 300-400 thread count for duvet covers) are crafted with the utmost care and come in a percale and sateen weave for every sleep style. 

Percale: Our 300 thread count percale sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are woven with a crisp, classic finish that makes them perfect for hot sleepers or those in hotter climates.

Sateen: Our 400 thread count sateen sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are woven with an extra dose of luxury for a smooth finish making them a great choice for year-round sleepers who need some additional comfort.

Percale versus Sateen Sheet Thread Count


At Skylark+Owl, our biggest priority is making sure that you nestle up each night in a bed that’s perfectly cozy and to your high standards. With our luxury bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, inflated thread counts and marketing jargon will be a thing of the past. You’ll thank us for it, we promise.

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