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What You Need to Know: Turkish Towels

What You Need to Know: Turkish Towels

From fibers to 100% cotton, here’s everything you need to know about Turkish towels.

There’s no better feeling than wrapping yourself in pure comfort after a long shower or bath.. Originally crafted in Turkey, the Turkish towel—also known as the peshtemal—has been keeping people cozy and warm for hundreds of years. However, just like with any high-quality home good, all Turkish towels are not created equal. 

Today, we’re giving you everything you need to know about choosing the perfect Turkish towel, from qualities to look for and others to avoid. With Skylark+Owl’s handcrafted, 100% Turkish cotton towels, you’ll be on your way to a luxurious bathroom experience every time you bathe.

Turkish Towels

What classifies a towel as Turkish?

Turkish towels are a style of towel that originated in Turkey. Also known as the peshtemal, Turkish towels were created hundreds of years ago to keep warm and dry after a long session in the Hammam (otherwise known as a Turkish bath). Made with long fibers that keep your towels plush and absorbent at the same time, Turkish towels have long been a symbol of bathtime comfort and luxury. 

Over the years, the Turkish towel has transformed into a mainstream form of bathroom coziness with a rich history behind it. True Turkish towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton, which has extra-long fibers to create a smoother towel that dries quickly and stays soft. While appearance may be lacking in plushness, don’t let the thickness of Turkish towels tric you. Their construction keeps them strong, soft, and highly absorbent for years of use. In addition, the soft yet thinner build of Turkish towels makes them perfect for smaller spaces. As Turkish towels are used and washed, they’ll become softer with each use while remaining high-quality for years and years. 

What should you look for when choosing Turkish towels?

When bringing Turkish towels into your home, you’ll want to look for 100% pure Turkish cotton (the material used for Skylark + Owls’ Turkish towels). However, all Turkish towels are not created equally. Many Turkish towels on the market are made of a blend of Turkish cotton and terry, which will result in a less expensive price tag but lack longevity and quality. Turkish cotton blended with terry or velour doesn’t make for a great towel, as blended Turkish cotton towels often become less absorbent and soft over time.

Turkish Towels

How to care for Skylark+Owl Turkish towels

Turkish towels are strong, and don’t require super careful care. However, there are some considerations to take when caring for your Skylark+Owl Turkish towels:

  • Don’t wash them with fabric softener, this can interfere with the towel’s absorbency.
  • Use a mild detergent when washing Turkish towels.
  • Wash Turkish towels with warm water on a normal wash cycle.
  • Keep Turkish towels away from  high dryer heat.i]Instead, tumble dry them on a low-medium heat to prevent shrinkage.

Why Skylark+Owl Turkish towels?

Skylark+Owl’s 100% Turkish cotton towels are a comfortable and cozy addition to any bathroom. All towels are handcrafted in Turkey using a weaving process that keeps the fibers long and low-twisted, making for the soft and absorbent towel that you’re looking for. All of our 100% Turkish cotton towels also  follow the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which means that they are produced with less water, chemical fertilizer and pesticides. With Skylark+Owl’s Turkish towels on your bathroom shelf, you’ll be taking a step towards sustainability that also leaves you surrounded in pure comfort.

Skylarks' Towels

Turkish Towels will leave you surrounded in pure comfort. All our 100% Turkish Cotton follows the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) meaning it is produced using less water, chemical fertilizer and pesticides and still remains wonderfully soft even after many washes.

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