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Textiles From Around the World: Cable Knit Blanket from India

Textiles From Around the World: Cable Knit Blanket from India

When it comes to our textiles at Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we have two missions — to provide you with top-notch ethical comfort, and to make sure that comfort lasts.

The best way we do that is by pairing with our global partners in coziness across the world, which is where our partners in India come into play. 

By working with the family-owned business that knits our Cable Knit Blankets, we’re able to guarantee ethical comfort no matter where you may be.

Why Cable Knit from India?

India has long been known for its textile excellence, and Cable Knit Blankets we source from there are no exception. By working with our partners in India, we’re able to guarantee truly high-quality cotton by those who know it best. Our partners in India, a third-generation family business, use weaving techniques that create the perfectly chunky blanket wrapped in tradition.

Woven with the highest quality cotton yarn, Skylark+Owl’s Cable Knit Blankets are a thick, heavy and chunky fabric that offers the very best in coziness. India’s textile business knows cotton —with a cotton industry dating back to 4,000 BC— and it shows in our cable knit.

Sourced Cable Knit Blanket at Skylark+Owl

Made with 100% cotton, this chunky cotton blanket is substantially heavy —making it the absolute ideal cover-up for naps and reading chairs alike. Available in a warm Linen shade, our cable knits’ rich pigment looks great in any room. 

We take comfort and coziness seriously, no matter where on Earth you might call home. Our globally-sourced softness is a huge part of that equation, and something we’ll always strive towards. 

With our chunky Cable Knit Blankets sourced from India, you’ll be warm, comfortable and wrapped in softness everywhere you take it.

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