Towel Sets

You’ve been asking and now they are finally here! Our experts have traversed the globe in search of the perfect terry for you to build your nest and have brought in the luxuriously soft, yet durable and strong, Turkish Cotton by Talesma. For centuries, they have been weaving tradition in Turkey. They use an innovative looming process that adds air spaces in between fibers alongside advanced spinning technology that creates micro air holes inside the yarn to make these towels ultra-soft and fluffy, yet airy and light.

Turn your bathroom into an at-home-spa with a variety of classic colours and modern hues in three unique and distinct styles. All our Turkish Cotton follows the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) meaning it is produced using less water, chemical fertilizer and pesticides and still remain wonderfully soft even after many washes. Wrap yourself in lush 100% Turkish Cotton and sink into pure bliss with Skylark+Owl’s three lines of Turkish Towels: Serene, Element, and Braid. Skylark+Owl’s collection of Turkish Towels will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

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