Organic Flannel Collection

This past year, our flock let us know they were falling for flannel. 

We listened. We ordered. We waited. But as we all know, during a pandemic, nothing goes the way you plan it.  But let us tell you, this amazing comfort was well worth the wait!

Thankfully, our newest collection has now arrived while most of us are still experiencing our chilly Canadian winter! Available today, Skylark+Owl Linen Company’s Organic Flannel will not disappoint. 

Adhering to strict environmental criteria and  supply chain policies, Skylark+Owl’s Organic  Flannel is certified by the Global Organic Textile  Standard, an independent testing organization  founded twenty years ago. Flannel is an incredible bedding material for anyone who wants a velvety smooth feel on skin that’s long-lasting. 

Build a breathable, velvety soft,  wonderfully warm nest today with Skylark+Owl’s Organic Flannel!

Organic Flannel Sheet Set from $165.00 CAD