Hotel Pillows

Hotel comfort in the home is something everyone wants, which is why Skylark+Owl’s hotel pillows are the key to a great night’s sleep. When you bring Skylark+Owl pillows into your nest, you’re inviting in the exact same comfort felt by hotel sleepers across Canada. There’s just something especially luxurious about hotel pillows.

Sleep well knowing that our pillows and duvets are the EXACT same products as the Eden Textile counterparts:

Essential Pillow is the Indulgence Pillow

Refined Pillow is the Opulence Pillow

For over 70 years, Eden Textile has provided the hospitality industry with premium comforts and has numerous partners throughout the country. Providing a good night’s rest is our main priority. 

Refined Pillow from $70.00 CAD
Essential Pillow from $50.00 CAD